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Sylvie Archenault, a second generation Esthetician; CIDESCO Diplomat from France and a NCEA Certified from the United States has dedicated her lifetime to the Esthetic Profession. Sylvie wrote 600 hours of School curriculum for Ultissima Beauty Institute, New York in her late 20’s and later owned Sylvie’s Skin & Body Care, a Day Spa in Encino, California, for 25 years. Founder of Sonage (His or Her age in French), a technologically Advanced Professional and Retail Skin & Body care line in 1994. Sylvie Archenault is the sole importer, distributor, and educator for Eureduc USA Selective Esthetics, representing the Ultimate Health, Beauty and Wellness equipment from France, in response to a need to link Esthetic to the Medical field. Leader in the service of educating the professional and consumer alike, lecturer, writer to the Industry, Sylvie continues to serve new and experienced Professionals alike, through Selective Esthetics Advanced Post-graduate “On-Line” Education. Selective Esthetics offers uniquely synthesized beauty and health specialties with Unparalleled Education.
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“Massage therapy is very rewarding, my clients arrive with pain or a ‘frown’, but they tend to leave with a ‘smile’. since adding the Eureduc TV10 Vacuomassage and TP05 Pressotherapy to my practice three years ago, 60 to 80% of my clients experience better results than before. My referrals have increased substantially. A typical example is one new client who suffered from tennis elbow for months. He had tried different therapies elsewhere, including acupuncture and general medicine, with no success. I used the TV10 for just a few minutes and he was pain-free with more range-of-motion. He was back on the court and I had a new loyal client sending referrals.”
Massage Therapist, Acupuncturist, Ventura, CA

“We are very pleased with the Eureduc Vacuo- mobilization TV10 and the Pressotherapy TP05 at our Medi-Spa facility. We successfully utilize them for pre-operative and post-operative care, scar therapy, stretch mark therapy, contouring and cellulite treatments. This equipment has made a difference in my practice. My patients love the treatments that we are able to offer with this equipment and are amazed with their results. Thank you again for giving up the opportunity to work with you and your equipment.”
Vice President MEDI-SPAS

“I discovered the qualities of Vacuodermie at sports kinesitherapy training sessions with Erich Deuser, Masseur-Kinesitherapist for the German football team. I learned and put this technique into practice in Sports Kinesitherapy (with the French marathon team from 1972 to 1980), specifically in the treatment of muscle injuries and tendon disorders. From 1981 onwards, I applied Vacuodermie to the treatment of skin lesions and discovered its amazing efficiency in this field. I thus codified kineplasy, combing massage and Vacuodermie. Thanks to the later, the duration of the treatment sessions was halved, or even reduced by two-thirds, with equivalent or very often better.”
Masseur-Kinesitherapist and Explorer of the Virtues of Vacuodermie

“Pain and injury are our #2 enemy, after our competition. Swelling impingements and strains often keep our players out of the game. Thanks to Vacuomassage Therapy via the Eureduc Sports TV10 we have reduced players’ down time from the likes of Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. Ilio Tibial Band “Friction” Syndrome and other chronic pain and stiffness. One of our players was out for the season facing possible surgery, we thought. Seven days later, he was back in the game, thanks to “The Ultimate Sports Medicine Machine” the TV 10.”
ROB MOOR – President
GREG FARNAM – Head Athletic Trainer
NBA Minnesota Timberwolves

“As a professional track and field athlete, I have been manipulated by many machines with the purpose of preparing my body for maximum performance. One product that stands above the rest, is the Eureduc Sports TV 10. During my country’s track and field trials, I ran a very incredulous two rounds of the 200 meters in the space of 2 hours. My body was left worn out and I didn’t know if I could recuperate before the finals. My personal therapist, Eduardo Thompson used the TV 10 on my hamstrings, quadriceps and calf muscles. I could feel the negative particles in my body being broken up and blood flowing to the areas again. Ten minutes later I was left feeling refreshed like I had not run a race at all. I went out and ran the finals and logged a personal best time in the 200 meters, that broke a 9 year old National record and was the 4th fastest time in the world at that time. I will go on record to say that I will endorse this product anytime, because the product actually works. I would recommend this product for both professional athletes and weekend warriors alike.”
Professional Track Athlete

“After years as a baseball catcher and football linemen, I have lived with painful knees due to deteriorated tissue and ligaments. Recently, during racquetball doubles I endured the “Karl Malone” injury to my right knee. The pain kept me up at night, cortisone shots did not help. I could not drive long distances directly or coach my daughter’s soccer team efficiently. After just 30 minutes of relaxing, pain-less Pressotherapy drainage and Vacuomassage therapy, my knee was pain-free. I slept through the night for the first time in weeks. Thanks.”
Weekend Warrior